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.Would You Like to Have a Seminar in Your Church?

If you are interested in having an 1888 message seminar, conference, or week of prayer in your church or educational institution, it is easy to do.

  1. Please ask your pastor or head elder to send a letter of request to our Berrien Springs office via e-mail or post.

  2. State the desired topic to be addressed, e.g., “righteousness by faith,” “the covenants,” “the sanctuary.”

  3. What is your date preference? Give an alternate date as well.

  4. How long do you want the seminar to last? Weekend (Friday evening through Sunday noon), one week, etc.

  5. Would you like a specific speaker(s)? If so, give the name(s). We will accommodate where possible.

We ask that:

  • The speaker’s travel expenses be paid by the requesting church or institution.

  • The church provide lodging and meals for the speaker(s), usually in a church member’s home.

  • Freewill offerings be given to 1888 Glad Tidings to promote the work of spreading the message of righteousness by faith.


Please contact us!

We’ll help you get started, and will continue assisting you with the planning details and advertising.